Safety in Heat

A key for running in any temperature is to do all you can to keep your body temperature regulated, and to keep hydrated.

General Tips for Running in Heat

  • Drink plenty of water, and energy or nutrient drinks before, during and after running that can replenish salt and electrolytes lost via sweat.
  • Try methods to keep your body as wet as possible during warm runs, including soaking / pouring water on yourself if possible.  Water on your body and clothing can help cool your body and reduce body temperature.  During warm long distance races, I drink a cup of water and I pour one cup on my head and back at each water stop.
  • Also consider methods to add ice inside your clothing to help cool your body.  I have had success at placing small bags of ice inside my cap to help keep my head cool.
  • It is important to hydrate after long runs in heat, and consider covering your head with an ice cold wet wash rag, or even taking an ice bath, to reduce body temperature.