Our Purpose

To provide runners of any experience level with a resource for information about running, and a forum for asking running questions. We strive to share our passion for running and to grow the running community.

Site Architects

Guy and Anita live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are involved in local and national running communities.

Guy has run over 100 half marathons including in all 50 states and in several countries.  He has run several full marathons, and is pursuing completing the six World Major Marathons. He is passionate about improving as a runner, keeping running fun, connecting with other runners, and sharing what he has learned with fellow runners.

Anita has served a vital role in the logistics, preparation, support, photography, travel planning and documentation of Guy’s races.


Throughout the journey from casual runner to avid running enthusiast, Guy has acquired a significant amount of running/racing expertise via:

  • planning, training and racing various distances
  • study and reading of topics by running experts and running enthusiasts
  • networking and discussions with individuals in the local, national and international running community
  • personal research and practice (trial and error) for running-related topics