Not all running pursuits have to be about racing, or finishing long distances. Runners have many noble and worthy goals and reasons for running, including:

  • Relaxation / clearing of one’s mind
  • Social interaction with friends
  • Ability to get or stay in shape (lose weight or build muscle)
  • Time to come up with good ideas – best thinking, idea, creativity time
  • Ability to be active while listening to music, books, podcasts, etc.
  • A good way to explore different areas – from places around the world to trails outside your back door
  • Membership in the worldwide family of the running community
  • An activity your family can share – bonding time
  • Using running for a cause – charities, etc
  • Any reason you can think of

Listed in this site are some items to assist you in social and fun running – whatever your goals and reasons for running may be.