Safety if Alone

Some people obtain great relaxation from running by themselves.  If you increase the frequency and duration of runs, it is likely that several of these will become solo runs (no running partners).  

Personal Identification

ALWAYS wear personal identification, regardless of where or how far you are running, but it is absolutely vital when running alone.  I prefer runner identification and personal contact information tracking on products by Road ID.   They have several options including ones you can wear all the time (at work, in bed, during races, etc) and ones that link to an online profile that you can update as needed.  This information helps medical persons or anyone else who finds you, to quickly contact persons to get you medical help if needed.

Communicate Your Running Plans

It is also a very good idea if going for a solo run to notify others (family members, friends) of where you are planning to run, and how long you should be gone.  This is especially important for longer runs.