A vital part of fun and healthy running is to follow running safety and etiquette guidelines. There are volumes written on running safety, and much debate on running etiquette.

This section provides some guidelines to help you get started.


This section contains information on running equipment, including:

  • everything to wear when running
  • recording and sharing time, pace, route, and many other measurements for your running activities
  • tools to assist in running and training plan and goal execution

The information includes general info plus references to products and services I prefer


There are thousands of articles and ideas about training and nutrition. This section provides some ideas and guidelines to get you started, and lists some ideas that have worked well for me.


  • Relaxation / clearing of one’s mind
  • Social interaction with friends
  • Ability to get or stay in shape (lose weight or build muscle)
  • Time to come up with good ideas – best thinking, idea, creativity time
  • Ability to be active while listening to music, books, podcasts, etc.
  • A good way to explore different areas – from places around the world to trails outside your back door
  • Membership in the worldwide family of the running community
  • Opportunity for an activity your biological family can share – bonding
  • Using running for a cause – charities, etc
  • Any reason you can think of

Listed in this section are some items to assist you in social and fun running – whatever your goals and reasons for running may be.


There are numerous media resources about running and for runners. This section will point you towards ones that I have found entertaining, educational or helpful.


Combining a passion for running with an interest in serving another cause can be an excellent endeavor. Often, raising money for charities can be an effective way of entering otherwise difficult-acceptance races.


This area of AskRunGuy contains sheets and templates that are useful for planning and tracking run-related activities.  

You can download and print these PDF files directly from AskRunGuy for free.