Commemorate, Celebrate and Collect 

For many runners, collection and display of items received upon completion of races is a key motivator for participating in races.   These items include finisher’s medal (“bling”), finisher’s t-shirts, certificates, mugs or pint glasses, pins, posters, stickers, trophies, etc (“swag”). 

There are many ideas and methods to display the “bling” and “swag” items received from races.  Below is a picture of a display that we built on our own to display the medals from each of the fifty state half marathons that I completed. 

… and pictures of race bib that we made into designs, for 50 state half marathons and for 100 total marathons. 

Here are links to companies that can turn any picture you take, or your race bibs into great items to commemorate races.  Items include coffee mugs, coasters, jewelry, playing cards, calendars, posters, t-t-shirts, picture books, etc.

Here are links to some companies who sell race medal displays with specific themes:

The options are unlimited in how to best commemorate your race accomplishments in a way that is meaningful to you.  Persons work hard to earn running accomplishments, and these accomplishments shouldn’t just be hidden in a shoebox, file folder, or drawer.