Abbott World Marathon Majors

An ambitious goal of some very dedicated traveling marathon runners is to complete each of the six world major marathons.  

The listing of the world major marathons is: Boston, New York, Chicago, London, Tokyo, and Berlin.  

The world marathon majors series is also a competition for elite runners each year. The group is sponsored by Abbott Corporation.  Here is a link to information on the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

Entering a Major Marathon

It can be quite challenging to get into these marathons, given the high demand for race entries compared to number of runners these races can accommodate. 

Many of the world majors include an option for guaranteed entry into the specific world major marathon if you’ve run a qualifying time in a previous marathon.  Examples are entry into Boston, New York City and Chicago.  However, some races don’t allow qualifying times for overseas participants (example: London). The best method is to research entry application rules and options for the specific race you are aiming to run.

Entry option examples:

  • Time-qualifying in a previous certified race (usually a marathon)
  • Lottery drawing
  • Entry via charity (raising money for a cause and receiving an entry bib) 

Below are some links to helpful articles about the world major marathons, odds and best methods to gain entry to each race, as well as upcoming race dates.  

Traveling to a World Marathon Major

Below is a link to a website and business that specializes in leading trips to run the six world major marathons.  This group has many trips and many years of experience in these races.  The group can help guarantee a bib entry for most races (not Boston) based on a waiting list, and can provide hotel arrangements and some meals and tour guide services around the area of the race.